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Hearing Loss in Children MOOC (Raven et al., 2023)

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posted on 2023-08-22, 21:35 authored by Sarah A. Raven, Nicole M. Mott, Nadine I. Ibrahim, Crystal A. Cole, Tiffany G. Munzer, Jaynee Handelsman, Anita F. Vereb, Andrew N. Hashikawa, Lauren A. Bohm

Purpose: Although early identification of pediatric hearing loss is crucial, a formal online training course has not been freely accessible to a global audience. In response, we created a novel course for health professionals worldwide.

Method: Course development occurred from February 2019 to May 2020. Seventeen multidisciplinary experts provided video lectures and demonstrations, including a tour of ear anatomy, operating footage of cochlear implant insertion, and demonstrations of children undergoing hearing testing. Content also included steps for interpreting audiograms, an overview of early screening programs, interviews with deaf/hard of hearing children, and an introduction to public health/educational infrastructure. The course was hosted on Coursera and launched on May 4, 2020.

Results: The course was approved for 11.5 Continuing Medical Education and American Board of Pediatrics Maintenance of Certification–Part 2 credits and spanned five modules composed of 50 video learning segments: (a) Ear Anatomy, (b) Hearing Loss and Assessments, (c) Hearing Loss Diagnosis and Impact on Speech and Language Development, (d) Interventions for Hearing Loss, and (e) Pediatric Vestibular System and Balance. Since its launch, 6,556 learners have enrolled and 1,540 have fully completed the course: 50% were 25–34 years old, 62% were women, and 43% were from Asia. Average rating was 4.9/5 (n = 180 reviews).

Conclusions: We created a freely accessible course for a global audience that provides a broad overview of pediatric hearing loss. Our multidisciplinary approach addresses an educational gap and can serve as a model for developing other online courses.

Supplemental Material S1. Course syllabus.

Raven, A. S., Mott, N. M., Ibrahim, N. I., Cole, C. A., Munzer, T. G., Handelsman, J., Vereb, A. F., Hashikawa, A. N., & Bohm, L. A. (2023). Hearing Loss in Children: Critical medical education delivered as massive open online course. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, 8(5), 1003–1010.


Nicole M. Mott was supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH; 5 TL1 TR002242-05) during the conduct of this study.