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Communicative Participation Item Bank-GD (Baylor et al., 2024)

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posted on 2024-01-17, 19:02 authored by Carolyn Baylor, Alyssa Bamer, Cait Brown, Jingyu Linna Jin, Jeffrey Teixeira, Michael Nuara

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to calibrate an item set for a new version of the Communicative Participation Item Bank (CPIB) specifically for use with gender-diverse clients. This new version contains a new item stem as well as other minor wording changes from the original CPIB in order to be acceptable to gender-diverse respondents.

Method: Survey data on 47 candidate items were collected from 434 transgender individuals: 219 assigned female at birth (AFAB) and 215 assigned male at birth (AMAB). Item response theory analyses included evaluation of unidimensionality, local dependence, fit to a graded response model, and differential item functioning (DIF) between AFAB and AMAB respondents.

Results: The original set of 47 items was unidimensional, but 16 items were removed due to local dependence, resulting in a final item bank of 31 items. There was no evidence of DIF between AFAB and AMAB participants. Reliability of the full item bank is good (i.e., > 0.8) between T scores of 20 and 76 and high (i.e., > 0.9) between T scores of 20 and 68. The short form had good reliability (i.e., > 0.8) between T scores of 24 and 64.

Conclusions: The Communicative Participation Item Bank–Gender-Diverse (CPIB-GD) version provides a new option for person-reported outcome measurement with gender-diverse clients. Clinicians are cautioned to use only the new CPIB-GD with gender-diverse clients, and not the original CPIB due to unacceptable wording in the original version for this population. The original CPIB remains valid and appropriate for the populations for which it was developed.

Supplemental Material S1. The Communicative Participation Item Bank–Gender-Diverse Version (CPIB-GD)© Short Form.

Baylor, C., Bamer, A., Brown, C., Jin, J. L., Teixeira, J., & Nuara, M. (2024). The Communicative Participation Item Bank–Gender-Diverse Version: Item bank calibration and short form. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 33(2), 952–968.


This study was funded by a University of Washington Royalty Research Fund grant (principal investigator: Carolyn Baylor).