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Deliberate supervision (Kleinhans et al., 2020)

posted on 2020-01-27, 13:32 authored by Kelly Kleinhans, Christina Brock, Lauren Bland, Bethany Berry
Purpose: Clinical supervisors play a fundamental role in
enabling students to transform knowledge into clinical
skills. The 2020 changes to Speech-Language Pathology
Certification Standards will require speech-language
pathologists, who want to serve as clinical supervisors
of applicants for certification, to complete a minimum of
9 months of practice experience postcertification and 2 hr
of professional development in the professional practice
domain of supervision postcertification prior to overseeing
a student in a clinical supervisor capacity.

Conclusion: This article describes a framework for clinical
supervisors of graduate students to use, based on the
premise that supervision should be an intentional reflective
activity. The authors describe how to plan for clinical
education across practice settings, provide appropriate
feedback, and use questions effectively.

Supplemental Material S1. Example of planned teaching episode with a clinical educator using a script to prepare the learner for the clinical experience.

Supplemental Material S2. Example of closure in clinical teaching with a planned clinical experience.

Supplemental Material S3. Example of a clinical educator using specific feedback after a clinical experience.

Kleinhans, K., Brock, C., Bland, E. L., & Berry, B. (2020). Deliberate supervision: Practical strategies for success. Advance online publication.