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Visual and movement grammar interventions (Springle & Hester, 2019)

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posted on 2019-09-04, 23:54 authored by Alisha Sprinkle, Peggy Hester
Purpose: The impact of visual- and movement-specific
intervention techniques for developing grammatical
morphemes in the spoken language of two 6-year-old
female children with language impairment was measured.
Method: An adapted alternating treatment single-subject
study examined the grammar outcomes from the use of
Shape Coding (i.e., using shapes, colors, and arrows to
teach grammatical rules; Ebbels, van der Lely, & Dockrell,
2007) and an equivalent researcher-designed kinesthetic-/
movement-based set of cues.
Results: Interventions were successfully provided
by novice clinicians with limited training. Results
indicated improvement across both students and
were differentiated between students and intervention
Conclusion: These positive findings support the use
of Shape Coding and movement-based interventions
targeting language improvement. School-based clinicians
should consider multiple modalities for therapeutic
instruction with children with language impairment.

Springle, A. P., & Hester, P. P. (2019). A comparison of visual and movement-based grammar interventions for school-age children with language impairment. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, 4(SIG 16).