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Telepractice for pediatric feeding assessments (Raatz et al., 2021)

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posted on 2021-06-01, 16:23 authored by Madeline Raatz, Elizabeth C. Ward, Jeanne Marshall, Clare L. Burns
Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the interrater reliability of pediatric feeding assessments conducted via synchronous (real-time) telepractice. Secondary aims were to investigate parent and clinician satisfaction.
Method: The eating and/or cup drinking skills of 40 children (aged 4 months to 7 years) were simultaneously assessed by one speech-language pathologist (SLP) leading the appointment via telepractice and a second SLP present in the family home. A purpose-designed assessment form was used to assess (a) positioning, (b) development, (c) oral sensorimotor function, (d) prefeeding respiratory status, (e) observation of eating and drinking, (f ) parent–child interaction, (g) overall feeding skills, and (h) feeding recommendations. The telepractice SLP completed a postappointment satisfaction questionnaire, and parents completed five questionnaires specifically investigating perceptions of and satisfaction with the telepractice feeding appointment.
Results: Agreement for all assessment components except intraoral examination (palate integrity and tonsils) was > 85%. All appointments were able to be conducted via telepractice, and for 90% of these (n = 36), clinicians agreed that telepractice was an effective service delivery method. Parents reported high levels of satisfaction with telepractice, with 76% reporting that the telepractice appointment was similar to a traditional in-person appointment.
Conclusion: Study results demonstrated that synchronous pediatric feeding assessments conducted in family homes via telepractice were feasible, reliable, and acceptable to both clinicians and parents.

Supplemental Material S1. Telepractice Assessment Form.

Raatz, M., Ward, E. C., Marshall, J., & Burns, C. L. (2021). Evaluating the use of telepractice to deliver pediatric feeding assessments. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Advance online publication.


The authors acknowledge the Children’s Hospital Foundation (50235) grant funding that supported this research.