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Statistical learning in SLI (Lammertink et al., 2017)

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posted on 2017-11-17, 16:19 authored by Imme Lammertink, Paul Boersma, Frank Wijnen, Judith Rispens
Purpose: The current meta-analysis provides a quantitative overview of published and unpublished studies on statistical learning in the auditory verbal domain in people with and without specific language impairment (SLI). The database used for the meta-analysis is accessible online and open to updates (Community-Augmented Meta-Analysis), which facilitates the accumulation and evaluation of previous and future studies on statistical learning in this domain.
Method: A systematic literature search identified 10 unique experiments examining auditory verbal statistical learning in 213 participants with SLI and 363 without SLI, aged between 6 and 19 years. Data from qualifying studies were extracted and converted to Hedges’ g effect sizes.
Results: The overall standardized mean difference between participants with SLI and participants without SLI was 0.54, which was significantly different from 0 (p < .001, 95% confidence interval [0.36, 0.71]).
Conclusion: Together, the results of our meta-analysis indicate a robust difference between people with SLI and people without SLI in their detection of statistical regularities in the auditory input. The detection of statistical regularities is, on average, not as effective in people with SLI compared with people without SLI. The results of this meta-analysis are congruent with a statistical learning deficit hypothesis in SLI.

Supplemental Material S1. Search syntax and Boolean operators for databases.

Lammertink, I., Boersma, P., Wijnen, F., & Rispens, J. (2017). Statistical learning in specific language impairment: A meta-analysis. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 60, 3474–3486.


This project is funded by the project “Examining the Contribution of Procedural Memory to Grammar and Literacy” awarded by NWO to Judith Rispens (PI).