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Community Engagement Studio (Quinn et al., 2022)

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posted on 2022-01-11, 00:25 authored by Emily D. Quinn, Kathleen Cotter, Kim Kurin, Kim Brown
Purpose: Barriers to implementing evidence-based practices occur at various levels. Stakeholder input is required to identify challenges specific to clinical practice settings, client populations, and service delivery approaches. The purpose of this project was to solicit feedback from stakeholders on the telepractice service delivery and implementation strategies proposed for a future study of enhanced milieu teaching (EMT) in rural counties.
Method: A Community Engagement Studio was conducted with 11 caregivers of children with language delays living in rural counties. Caregivers and the researchers discussed early intervention service delivery for children with language delays in rural Oregon and the proposed telepractice EMT procedures. Researchers gathered feedback on three intervention components: session frequency and schedule, implementation strategies to encourage caregivers’ use of EMT, and performance feedback techniques to teach caregivers.
Results: Findings from the Community Engagement Studio led to four primary modifications to the telepractice EMT study protocol. The principal investigator increased available days and times for intervention sessions and added text-message reminders for parents. A survey was also added for caregivers to identify their preferences for additional implementation strategies (e.g., tip sheets, checklist, e-mailed session summaries) and graphic representations of performance feedback (e.g., bar graph, radial graph, mountain climber infographic).
Conclusion: Community Engagement Studios are a promising method for increasing community engagement in clinical research and soliciting stakeholder feedback on evidence-based intervention adaptations.

Supplemental Material S1. Community Engagement Studio fidelity checklist.

Supplemental Material S2. Community/Patient Engagement Studio facilitation guide.

Quinn, E. D., Cotter, K., Kurin, K., & Brown, K. (2022). Conducting a Community Engagement Studio to adapt enhanced milieu teaching. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Advance online publication.

Publisher Note: This article is part of the Forum: Clinicians and Researchers Navigating Implementation Science in CSD.


The contents of this article were supported in part by the NW Center of Excellence & K12 in Patient-Centered Learning Health Systems Science Award provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Oregon Health & Science University (K12HS026370) and by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, through Grant Award UL1TR002369.