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Voice telepractice (Grillo, 2019)

posted on 08.02.2019, 18:45 by Elizabeth U. Grillo
Purpose: Telepractice offers prevention, assessment, treatment, and consultation at a distance. This article provides an overview of telepractice with specific considerations and examples related to voice across licensure requirements, state and federal laws, reimbursement, documentation, and telepractice methods.
Conclusion: As technology continues to advance and as client demand for telepractice services increases, practitioners need to create successful telepractice programs.

Supplemental Materials S1-S3 are videorecording samples of a small portion of a previously recorded synchronous session (S1), the client demonstrating her use of the new voice for one-on-one conversation and oral twang for healthy projected voice over noise (S2), and the clinician asking the client to record sentences and memorized speech acts switching between her “old” voice and new voice.

Grillo, E. U. (2019). Building a successful voice telepractice program. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/PERS-SIG3-2018-0014


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