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Potential treatments and interventions of HHL (Lu et al., 2023)

posted on 2023-10-27, 13:53 authored by Yang Lu, Yuanjia Hu, Shengyue Wang, Sijia Pan, Kai An, Tong Wang, Yunfan He, Chenghua Tian, Jianbo Lei

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to systematically review the research literature with regards to treatments and intervention methods for hereditary hearing loss. Our goal was to provide reference guidelines for the rational use of medication and gene-targeted therapy for patients with hereditary hearing loss and discuss the future development of research in this area.

Method: We searched two core databases, PubMed and Web of Science, for relevant literature relating to potential treatments and interventional methods for hereditary hearing loss. Then, we used Microsoft Excel to perform basic statistical analysis of the data, the R language to perform bibliometric analyses, and VOSviewer and CiteSpace to visualize data. In addition, we clustered and descriptively analyzed the data and identified the relative importance of each approach with regard to precise patient outcomes.

Results: In this study, we followed the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) standardized screening process and identified a total of 103 research articles. The average annual growth rate of publications in this area was 12.73%. The country with the highest number of publications and citations was the United States; 80 of these publications (associated with 76.92% of funding) were supported by grants from 16 countries. Potential treatments and interventions were clustered according to the stage of research and showed that 8.74% remain in the research design stage, 59.22% are in the clinical validation stage, and 32.04% are being applied in the clinic. The main research focus in this field is cochlear implants and gene therapy.

Conclusions: Hereditary hearing loss is in a critical period of transition from preventive to therapeutic research. Gene-targeted interventions represent one of the most promising and effective treatments.

Supplemental Material S1. Search formulas and search time frames for each database.

Supplemental Material S2. Ranking of authors with > 4 publications and articles fractionalized.

Supplemental Material S3. Top 10 countries with average articles cited.

Lu, Y., Hu, Y., Wang, S., Pan, S., An, K., Wang, T., He, Y., Tian, C., & Lei, J. (2023). Hereditary hearing loss: A systematic review of potential treatments and interventions. American Journal of Audiology. Advance online publication.


This research was supported by the 2022 National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (Item 202210344001) and the 2022 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Activity Plan for College Students (Item 2022R410A045).