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SLPs expanding Teen Online Problem Solving delivery (Lundine et al., 2023)

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posted on 2023-04-11, 17:03 authored by Jennifer P. Lundine, Kerrie Lemons Chitwood, Shari L. Wade

Purpose: Teen Online Problem Solving (TOPS) is an evidence-based teletherapy program designed to promote neurocognitive, behavioral, and psychosocial recovery following brain injury through family-centered training. To date, TOPS has been primarily administered by neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists. This clinical focus article discusses a quality improvement project to adapt the TOPS training and manual for use by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and reports feedback from SLPs following TOPS training and after delivering the program with adolescents who experienced neurological insults.

Method: SLPs were invited to participate in TOPS training. Trainees were asked to complete posttraining surveys, active therapist questionnaires, and follow-up surveys directed to SLPs who had completed the intervention with at least one patient.

Results: To date, a total of 38 SLPs completed TOPS training, 13 have implemented TOPS with at least one adolescent. Eight SLPs and 16 psychologists/trainees responded to follow-up surveys to share their perspectives on the program. Perceptions of clinicians delivering the program did not differ significantly in most respects. SLPs rated the ease of understanding nonverbal communication higher than psychologists. Seven SLPs responded to an SLP-specific survey about their experiences administering TOPS, noting a range of advantages and some limitations in their open-ended responses.

Conclusion: Training SLPs to deliver TOPS has the potential to increase service provision to adolescents with acquired brain injury who have cognitive communication difficulties and their families.

Supplemental Material S1. Selected questions from TOPS active therapist survey.

Supplemental Material S2. Selected questions from TOPS SLP survey.

Lundine, J. P., Chitwood, K. L., & Wade, S. L. (2023). The role of speech-language pathologists in expanding delivery of teen online problem solving for adolescents with acquired brain injury: A quality improvement project. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 32(3), 989–998.


This article was (partially) funded through a Patient- Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Dissemination and Implementation Award (DI-2018C3- 14566) to Shari Wade.