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SCAN-3:A screening via telepractice (Hatcher & Weiler, 2024)

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posted on 2024-05-07, 18:50 authored by Allison Hatcher, Brian Weiler

Purpose: Many standardized assessments in speech-language pathology can be administered via telepractice. However, the literature is limited on reporting the equivalency of assessment administration between in-person and remote testing. The SCAN–3 for Adolescents and Adults: Tests for Auditory Processing Disorders (SCAN-3:A) is widely used by speech-language pathologists and audiologists to screen for auditory processing disorder (APD). The purpose of this study was to compare in-person and remote administration results on the screening subtests of the SCAN-3:A to determine test–retest consistency across the two settings.

Method: Eleven undergraduate and graduate students with normal hearing were administered the Gap Detection, Competing Words–Free Recall (CW-FR) and Auditory Figure Ground (AFG) screening subtests from the SCAN-3:A both in-person and via telepractice with the order counterbalanced across administrations. Specific modifications were made to accommodate remote assessment.

Results: Screening pass/fail decisions were above 80% agreement for each of the three subtests. Significant correlations (p < .05) between in-person and remote scores were found for the CW-FR and AFG subtests. The mean score difference between administration type was not significant for the CW-FR subtest (p = .921) but was significant for the AFG subtest (p < .05).

Conclusions: These preliminary findings provide tentative, partial support for remote administration of the SCAN-3:A with adherence to specific recommendations. Some technical challenges were reported as well as other logistical limitations associated with remote administration. Recommendations to accommodate telepractice considerations for remote screening of APD are provided.

Supplemental Material S1. SCAN-3:A Telepractice Evaluation Session Checklist.

Hatcher, A., & Weiler, B. (2024). A comparison of in-person and remote administration results of the SCAN–3 for Adolescents and Adults: Tests for Auditory Processing Disorders screening subtests. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, 9(3), 883–891.