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Conversation as an outcome of aphasia intervention (Azios et al., 2022)

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posted on 2022-11-10, 19:56 authored by Jamie H. Azios, Brent Archer, Nina Simmons-Mackie, Anastasia Raymer, Marcella Carragher, Shriya Shashikanth, Eleanor Gulick

Purpose: Conversation-focused speech-language pathology services are a top priority for people living with aphasia, but little is known about how researchers measure conversation as an outcome of treatment. This scoping review was undertaken to systematically review the evidence regarding the measurement of conversation in aphasia studies and to identify current practices and existing gaps.

Method: A systematic literature search was conducted for studies published between January 1995 and September 2019 in multiple electronic databases. Covidence software was used to manage search results, study selection, and data charting processes. Data were extracted from each study and then collated and organized to elucidate the breadth of approaches, tools, or procedures oriented to measuring conversation as an outcome and identify gaps in the existing literature.

Results: The systematic search of the literature resulted in 1,244 studies. A total of 64 studies met inclusion criteria and were included in the review. The review summarizes the various tools and procedures used to measure conversation as an outcome of aphasia intervention, including variations in data collection and analysis procedures. The review also evaluates the quality of conversation measures in terms of psychometric properties and informal measures of validity. There was a total of 211 measures used across the 64 studies.

Conclusions: While there was no clear measure that was objectively superior, several measures show promise and warrant future exploration. Some of the orientations, conceptualizations, and procedures we have presented can be seen as options that might be included in a future conversation-focused core outcome set.

Supplemental Material S1. A list of all 64 studies included in the scoping review. 

Azios, J. H., Archer, B., Simmons-Mackie, N., Raymer, A., Carragher, M., Shashikanth, S., & Gulick, E. (2022). Conversation as an outcome of aphasia treatment: A systematic scoping review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Advance online publication.