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CALD families of young children with hearing loss (Ng et al., 2022)

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posted on 2022-06-23, 21:47 authored by Zheng Yen Ng, Monique Waite, Katie Ekberg, Louise Hickson

Purpose: This study aimed to gather the views and experiences of clinicians and managers on early intervention audiology and speech-language pathology services for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) families of children with hearing loss.

Method: This qualitative descriptive study involved 27 semistructured interviews with audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and managers working with CALD families of young children with hearing loss. Purposeful sampling was used to recruit participants from three hearing centers working with these families. Interviews were analyzed using thematic analysis.

Results: Analysis of the data resulted in five themes: (a) There were perceived added complexities for CALD families in accessing and being involved in services and receiving information; (b) there were perceived family–provider relationship complexities, cultural differences, and service delivery challenges in working with CALD families; (c) clinicians and managers used various strategies for service provision of CALD families; (d) involving interpreters benefited service provision but was challenging at times; and (e) looking to the future and recommendations for clinical practice.

Conclusions: Current practices reflect some principles of family-centered care for CALD families of young children with hearing loss. Families and services may benefit from more support regarding family–provider partnerships, information materials and child assessments, working with interpreters, and center support for time and resources.

Supplemental Material S1. Topic guide for interviews with clinicians.

Supplemental Material S2. Topic guide for interviews with service managers.

Supplemental Material S3. Resources for patients, families, and clinicians in working with CALD families and interpreters.

Ng, Z. Y., Waite, M., Ekberg, K., & Hickson, L. (2022). Clinicians’ and managers’ views and experiences of audiology and speech-language pathology service provision for culturally and linguistically diverse families of young children with hearing loss. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. Advance online publication.


This work was supported by the University of Queensland Research Training Stipend for author Zheng Yen Ng.