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Australian consumer perspectives of teleaudiology (Kelsall-Foreman et al., 2024)

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posted on 2024-04-22, 19:38 authored by India Kelsall-Foreman, Eloise Anne Z. Bacusmo, Caitlin Barr, Jessica Vitkovic, Elissa Campbell, Tony Coles, Mark Paton, Kathryn Penno, Rebecca J. Bennett

Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the perspectives of Australia-based hearing health care consumers regarding the (a) provision and utilization of teleaudiology services, (b) experiences with teleaudiology, and (c) barriers and enablers to future teleaudiology use.

Method: A national prospective self-report online survey was completed between April and October 2020, amid COVID-19. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics (closed-answer items) and content analysis (open-text responses). A total of 381 participants (Mage = 72.07 years ± 10.08, 142 females) were recruited from different states and territories of Australia.

Results: Despite positive outcomes reported by those who undertook teleaudiology appointments during COVID-19, results indicate low-consumer teleaudiology uptake. It can be inferred that consumers were not aware of teleaudiology as an appointment option, clinicians/clinic staff had not informed and/or supported teleaudiology as an option, and biases existed that prevented teleaudiology being more widely adopted. It is unclear whether consumers who were eligible for government subsidies understood that teleaudiology appointments were reimbursed through government funding. Barriers to future teleaudiology uptake were largely related to concerns regarding confidentiality and privacy.

Conclusion: Low consumer uptake of teleaudiology appointments appears to be driven by consumer preference for in-person services, which appears to be driven by lack of knowledge regarding the availability and effectiveness of teleaudiology.

Supplemental Material S1. Survey.

Kelsall-Foreman, I., Bacusmo, E. A. Z., Barr, C., Vitkovic, J., Campbell, E., Coles, T., Paton, M., Penno, K., & Bennett, R. J. (2024). Teleaudiology services in Australia: A national survey of hearing health care consumers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. American Journal of Audiology, 33(2), 518–531.


This work was funded by the Department of Health, Audiology Australia, the Australian College of Audiology, and Soundfair Australia.


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