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The rise of telepractice/supervision & DL in Cypurs (Voniati et al., 2021)

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posted on 2021-08-05, 19:31 authored by Louiza VoniatiLouiza Voniati, Margarita Kilili-Lesta, Maria C. Christopoulou
Purpose: This study aimed to outline the changing forms of speech-language pathology practices, for both clinical services, as well as the profession’s education and practicum training in the time of COVID-19 at the European University Cyprus (EUC). This study also aimed to document the steps taken to continue service delivery safely and effectively for both the EUC’s Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic’s clients and the speech-language therapy students completing their practicum.
Method: The steps for the access to and continuity of speech-language therapy services and education/training are outlined chronologically, throughout the different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic status in the country. The rise of telepractice, telesupervision, and distance learning, adapted as solutions to the obstacles caused by the pandemic, are explained in detail, while the benefits and limitations are discussed at each step. The professional development that had to take place before this rise is also described.
Conclusions: The utilization of online/telecommunication technology for education, practical training, and speech-language pathologist service delivery during the time of COVID-19 in Cyprus is here to stay and will probably affect the future of the profession’s clinical practice, and consequently, training programs in Cyprus in the years to come. It is uncertain if the effects of such adaptations can generalize in other populations or countries, especially where regulations and policies are already in place, or where the technological foundation is not similar. Through the benefits and limitations presented, conclusions are drawn for the future applications of telepractice, telesupervision, and distance learning post–COVID-19. Suggestions are made for the possible areas of future research, concerning clinical practice and clinical practicum training, as well as for the need to define regulations and establish these types of services in the country.

Supplemental Material S1. Results/descriptive statistics.

Supplemental Material S2. Translation of comments from Greek to English from Margarita Kilili-Lesta.

Voniati, L., Kilili-Lesta, M., & Christopoulou, M. C. (2021). Speech-language therapy clinical services, student education, and practical training in the time of COVID-19: The rise of telepractice, telesupervision, and distance learning in Cyprus. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. Advance online publication.