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Shared interactive book reading: Systematic review (Towson et al., 2021)

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posted on 2021-09-29, 19:58 authored by Jacqueline A. Towson, Yusuf Akemoglu, Laci Watkins, Songtian Zeng
Purpose: Shared interactive book reading (SIBR) is an evidence-based practice for young children who are typically developing and those with developmental disabilities or considered at risk for developmental delays. The purpose of this review was to provide a comprehensive examination of the evidence of using SIBR to facilitate growth in language skills for young children with developmental disabilities and/or delays. Specifically, authors examined the descriptive characteristics, study rigor, and effect sizes for language and literacy outcomes.
Method: We extracted data from studies meeting specified criteria (n = 23) published in peer-reviewed journals on a wide range of variables, including participant characteristics, setting, training/coaching, defined independent and dependent variables, study rigor, and overall outcomes. Descriptive and study rigor data were aggregated using descriptive statistics. Effect-size estimates were calculated for all child outcomes related to language.
Results: Descriptive data were variable across studies. Three single-case experimental design and three group design studies met design standards without reservations. Single-case experimental design studies overall showed positive effects on child language and communication. Within group design studies, expressive language outcomes showed the largest effect sizes.
Conclusion: A review of SIBR studies indicates this as a viable intervention to positively impact the language skills of young children with developmental disabilities and/or delays.

Supplemental Material S1. Coding manual.

Supplemental Material S2. Data for all SCED phase comparisons and ES calculations.

Towson, J. A., Akemoglu, Y., Watkins, L., & Zeng, S. (2021). Shared interactive book reading interventions for young children with disabilities: A systematic review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Advance online publication.