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Cognition and hearing aids (Kestens et al., 2022)

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posted on 2022-04-20, 17:15 authored by Katrien Kestens, Sofie Degeest, Hannah Keppler

Purpose: This study aimed to get insight into the views and experience of audiologists, employed in Flemish hearing aid centers, concerning cognition within audiological practice.

Method: An online 49-item questionnaire was developed and subdivided into five categories: (a) work setting, (b) practical experience regarding hearing aid fitting linked to cognition, (c) knowledge regarding the auditory–cognitive perspective of speech understanding, (d) willingness and guidelines to implement cognitive measures within audiological practice, and (e) demographics. Respondents were surveyed during January and February 2021.

Results: One hundred twenty-nine audiologists working in Flemish hearing aid centers responded to the entire questionnaire and showed a mean work experience of 8.0 years. Results revealed that cognition was taken into account, especially within the anamnesis interview and general communication strategy, whereas only a minority took cognition into account when actually fitting hearing aids. Knowledge and experience did not determine whether or not respondents took cognition into account. A willingness to implement cognitive measures in a time-efficient manner in audiological practice was observed among respondents.

Conclusion: Evidence-based guidelines regarding hearing aid fitting based on an individual’s auditory–cognitive profile are needed to improve the quality of hearing rehabilitation.

Supplemental Material S1. Questionnaire in Dutch. 

Supplemental Material S2. Questionnaire in English. 

Kestens, K., Degeest, S., & Keppler, H. (2022). The views and experience of audiologists working in Flemish hearing aid centers concerning cognition within audiological practice. American Journal of Audiology. Advance online publication.