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Abstract Semantic Associative Network Training (AbSANT) tutorial (Sandberg, 2022)

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posted on 2022-01-12, 01:25 authored by Chaleece W. Sandberg
Purpose: The availability of evidence-based therapies for abstract words is limited. Abstract Semantic Associative Network Training (AbSANT) is theoretically motivated and has been shown to not only improve directly trained abstract words, such as the word emergency in the category hospital, but also promote generalization to related concrete words, such as the word doctor.
Method: This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions, including cueing strategies, and material resources for conducting AbSANT. Importantly, this tutorial also explains the theoretical motivation behind AbSANT, as well as information regarding the population, dose, and environment characteristics of effective trials, to help clinicians make informed decisions regarding the applicability of this approach and to guide decision-making throughout the steps of therapy.
Conclusions: AbSANT is an effective, theoretically based treatment for abstract words. This tutorial provides all of the resources needed to conduct AbSANT with clients with aphasia.

Supplemental Material S1. Excel spreadsheet with all normed categories and words.

Supplemental Material S2. Template for conducting generative naming probes.

Supplemental Material S3. Template for word cards.

Supplemental Material S4. General feature cards.

Supplemental Material S5. Distractor feature cards.

Supplemental Material S6. Template for personalized feature cards.

Supplemental Material S7. Protocol for conducting feature brainstorm session.

Supplemental Material S8. Template for Steps 3 and 4.

Supplemental Material S9. Template for Step 5.

Sandberg, C. W. (2022). Tutorial for Abstract Semantic Associative Network Training (AbSANT): Theoretical rationale, step-by-step protocol, and material resources. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. Advance online publication.