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Revised Conceptual Framework of Parent-to-Parent Support for Parents of Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (Henderson et al., 2016)

posted on 2016-06-01, 00:00 authored by Rebecca J. Henderson, Andrew M. Johnson, Sheila T. Moodie
Background A scoping review of the literature was conducted, resulting in the development of a conceptual framework of parent-to-parent support for parents with children who are Deaf or hard of hearing. This is the 2nd stage of a dual-stage scoping review.
Purpose This study sought stakeholder opinion and feedback with an aim to achieve consensus on the constructs, components, and design of the initial conceptual framework.
Research Design A modified electronic Delphi study was completed with 21 handpicked experts from 7 countries who have experience in provision, research, or experience in the area of parent-to-parent support. Participants completed an online questionnaire using an 11-point Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree) and open-ended questions to answer various questions related to the descriptor terms, definitions, constructs, components, and overall design of the framework.
Results Participant responses led to the revision of the original conceptual framework.
Conclusion The findings from this dual-stage scoping review and electronic Delphi study provide a conceptual framework that defines the vital contribution of parents in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention programs that will be a useful addition to these programs.


Funding for this work was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services, awarded to Sheila T. Moodie. We are indebted to the panel of experts for their participation and contributions.


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